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Amplified impact powered by secure, card-linking technology 

Card linking is the technology that makes it possible for Amplify to make a climate donation on your behalf every time you shop with a verified Amplify brand online. 

Our system will know each time you use a linked card at an Amplify brand checkout page and automatically allocate you your climate donation! Simply pay using your Amplify linked card(s) when shopping with an Amplify brand and we’ll do the rest.

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How is your card data protected?

All card details are encrypted with bank-level security encryption. This encryption replaces all the card details with an anonymised token ID number. 

How secure are your card details?

We do not collect or store CVV code details or any personal data. 

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What data can we see?

We can only see the transactions made with a linked card at one our verified, sustainable brand partners in our network. We see the brand name, time, date, and the amount spent (so we can calculate your earned donation).

Powered by the best

Amplify partners directly with the leader in card-linking technology, Fidel (trusted partner of Google), who are PCI compliant (level 1) and work with the biggest card networks in the world.

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 Earn donations with Visa, Mastercard, and Amex

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Amplify works with the world’s leading card networks to provide a seamless donation experience for you. This means whenever you shop with an Amplify brand using either a Mastercard, Visa, or American Express bank card linked to your Amplify account, your card network will notify us. This allows us to generate donations for your chosen climate cause!