Our story

We are all facing the global threat of climate change together. As conscious consumers, we recognise this. We are playing our part by demanding more sustainable options and putting pressure on larger, established corporations to change their ways. As a result, we’ve seen a surge in new sustainability-driven companies answering our call and offering innovative, more sustainable product options. Large corporations, albeit at a slower pace, are considering the environment more in their actions. Environmental movements and organisations have been set up to help protect our planet. Together, we are fighting back against climate change.


But despite this, so much destruction has already been done and we are now playing catch up. Our planet is running out of time. We need to accelerate our response to this crisis. As consumers, changing our actions moving forward is critical in not compounding the existing damage to our planet, but we also need to help the planet recover against the existing damage it has already incurred. 

Our mission

Our mission is simple - to accelerate the environmental impact of sustainable spending. SWITCH converts every sustainable purchase into a donation back to critical environmental causes, compounding the positive effect of our sustainable spending. By doing this, conscious consumers unlock an accelerated level of impact through their spending. Conscious consumers, sustainable brands, and environmental causes are already leading the fight against climate change. At SWITCH, we unite and empower this community to further increase their collective positive impact on the planet.