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Every £10 donated would protect on average 5 acres of vital rainforest in our most urgent carbon-rich projects

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Who are we?

Rainforest Trust UK is a British charity working in partnership with Rainforest Trust in the U.S. to protect the world’s most threatened rainforests and other tropical ecosystems.

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What do we do?

Rainforest Trust works in partnership with trusted local NGOs and indigenous communities to save the world’s most threatened rainforests. Every action we take now to protect rainforests will have a lasting impact for people around the world by maintaining our planet’s climate and vital ecosystems.

Our work


Our organisation


Our work

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Our mission

Rainforest Trust saves endangered wildlife and protects our planet by creating rainforest reserves through partnerships, community engagement and donor support.

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We protect the most threatened tropical forests, working with local communities to create a global impact and fight climate change. Every action we take now to protect rainforests will have a lasting impact on the future by maintaining our planet’s critical ecosystems. Tropical rainforests support over 50% of the world’s species and are home to thousands of communities who rely on the forests for food, water and economic prosperity. Rainforests also absorb and safely store billions of tonnes of carbon, helping to fight climate change. In short, they are one of the most important natural resources on Earth, and their long-term protection is vital for the the survival of our planet and the countless species that inhabit it – including us.

What environmental work do we do?

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Where do we carry out this work?

We have protected over 37 million acres of tropical habitat across The Americas, Africa and Asia-Pacific. There is so much to be done and we will continue to be a world leader in the protection of tropical ecosystems and the wildlife they hold.

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Every Rainforest Trust conservation project includes a comprehensive plan for how the money is spent, and local NGOs are required to provide our conservation team with quarterly reports on progress, successes, how money has been spent, etc. We regularly monitor our projects to check for deforestation, and our 2020 survey showed that 92% of areas ever protected with our support have lost less than 5% of their forest.

How do we measure the impact of our work?

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What impact have we achieved to date?

Since 1988 Rainforest Trust has protected over 37 million acres of threatened rainforest and other tropical habitats. Through this we have also protected 23.5 billion trees, 345 species of endangered mammals, 467 species of endangered birds and 250 species of endangered amphibians.


Your donation

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How are donations typically distributed across our organisation?

100% of donations received through Amplify will be directed towards conservation action through our Rainforest Climate Action Fund. This is possible because we cover our running costs through donations from our Board of Trustees and Gift Aid. The Rainforest Climate Action Fund supports Rainforest Trust projects that cost-effectively store and sequester vast quantities of carbon. By protecting the world’s most important tropical forests, Rainforest Trust will work to permanently lock up 15 billion tonnes of carbon by 2025.

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What impact will your donation have?

Every £10 donation will protect on average 5 acres of vital rainforest in our most urgent carbon-rich projects and safely store 850 metric tonnes of CO2e, helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change around the world.



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Our sustainability statement

Rainforest Trust UK strives to be sustainable at every level of the organisation, from printing all our promotional material on 100% recycled paper with plant-based inks to encouraging working from home.

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What UN Sustainable Development Goals are we contributing to?

  • 15. Life On Land - Sustainable forest management is at the heart of what we do. Rainforest Trust's work will further the international drive to protect 30% of the planet for nature by 2030.

  • 13. Climate Action - Rainforest destruction causes 15% of net global carbon emissions every year – that’s the same as every car, plane, truck, bus, boat and train on the planet combined. Protecting rainforest is a cost-effective way to prevent these dangerous emissions from entering the atmosphere and driving climate change.

  • 10. Reduced Inequalities - Indigenous communities are key partners in many of our projects. We help them to protect their rights and safeguard their lands so that their communities can thrive for generations to come.

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